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In AlphaSense, tables appear in a variety of documents ranging from SEC Filings (10Ks, 10Qs, S-1s, proxy statements and more) and Broker Research to our Company Overviews and Press Releases. With our Table Extraction feature, tables found in different documents can be exported to Excel in seconds, where the data can be easily analyzed, incorporated into models and used to build charts for presentations.

Here are two examples of our Table Extraction feature at work.

Company Overviews

After entering a specific company, Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) in this case, in the Ticker/Companies search bar, a Company Overview will appear in the Document Viewer. Our Company Overviews give users the ability to extract multiple tables using the Export All Tables to Excel button in the upper right hand corner of the Document Viewer or extract tables individually using the Export Table to Excel button in the upper right hand corner of each module. By clicking on either button, an Excel file with one or multiple worksheets (depending on how many table(s) the user wishes to export) will automatically be generated and downloaded.

SEC Filings

In the instance of a SEC filing such as a 10-Q that contains numerous tables, you can click on the button View All Tables, which will open a pop-up window showing a list of all the exportable tables in the document. You can then select one, multiple or all of the tables from the list and export to Excel.

What's next?

Clip tables from company presentations, global filings, and ESG reports

Build annual or quarterly models from 10K/Qs and 8Ks

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