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When you run a search in AlphaSense, you'll notice three areas of the screen: 

Document Pane: on the left side of the screen is a pane that shows a list of documents related to your search. Documents in AlphaSense are sourced from a wide range of content sets including broker research, company press releases, transcripts, regulatory filings, investor presentations, newspapers and trade journals, among others. In AlphaSense you can switch from one document to the next, without having to open different PDFs or go into different sections of the product.

Keyword Hits Pane shows keyword hits in each document related to your search. You'll see terms related to your search beyond the exact phrase searched because of AlphaSense Smart Synonyms

Document Viewer is on the right side of the screen and shows a detailed view of whatever document you're clicked into. You can interact with documents by highlighting, annotating text, or sending text to a note in AlphaSense.

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