Streamline your workflow and increase your efficiency as you conduct research, create notes and share valuable insights all on the AlphaSense platform with Notebook.

Creating a New Note

To create a new Note:

  • Highlight a relevant portion of text within a document

  • Select the "Note" icon

  • Click "Create New Note"

Note: You can also create a new note from the "Notebook" tab on the left-hand menu bar

Accessing Your Notes

To open your Notes, either:

  • Select "Your Notes" from the upper right-hand corner when viewing a document...

  • ...or select the "Notebook" icon from the left-hand side bar

Copy and Paste Images into your Notes

Bring any image (graphs, diagrams, slides, etc.) into your notes by copying (CTRL+C or right click > copy) and pasting (CTRL+V or right click > paste) the image into your note.
For images in AlphaSense, screen-clip the image then paste it your notes.

  • Copy & paste shortcut > Windows users: windows + shift + S; Ctrl + V

  • Copy & paste shortcut > Mac users: Command + shift + 4; Command + V

Share Snippets & Send them to your Notes

Starting from any document, you can send snippets of text to a note by selecting the text. Once the text has been selected the following box will appear: 

Using the prompts in this box, you can:

  1. Record and highlight your insights as you research (select a color and your text will be highlighted).

  2. Send snippets of text from AlphaSense documents straight to your notes (the pen and note icon).

  3. Comment on insights to review for yourself or teammates (chat icon). 

  4. Share the highlighted snippet link with your team or colleagues (paper-link icon).

Using the split view function, you can continue to conduct research in the platform and update the note as you find more important information or get new ideas. Select a snippet from the hits pane, then click Add to Open Note, the snippet will be pasted into the note.

Share your Notes 

Access your notes in full-screen mode by clicking the notebook icon in the navigation bar. Click on on a note and you'll see the following menu at the top: 

To share notes with your team, add/create a Team Tag (ex: M&ATEAM) and apply it to the Note. Be aware that tags cannot contain spaces

Now, when running a search, you can select the "Any Tag" filter at the top or your screen and search your Team Tag to find all Notes tagged to your team.

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