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In AlphaSense, you can use a variety of different tools to analyze the impact of specific trends or themes. 

Searching across multiple companies gives you an understanding of how key industry players are thinking about that theme

  1. To conduct a cross-company search, enter a theme in the Keyword search bar, and leave the Company/Ticker bar empty. 

  2. To refine your search by industry or sub-industry, mouse over your desired filter and the word Only will appear as an option. Click Only to isolate the search for a single industry or sub-industry. 

  3. To further refine your searches to specifically search across broker reports by clicking the Only button next to Event Transcripts or any other source in All Sources. 

Expert tip: To quickly identify, quantify, and analyze a company’s emotional valence regarding your theme, you can view Sentiment Analysis for Event Transcripts in AlphaSense. The Show Sentiment button appears within minutes of the transcript appearing in AlphaSense. Click the Show Sentiment button to review all the positive and negative language nuances associated with your search document.

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