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Financial models built on clean historical data can take hours or days to build. Normally, they require you to copy and paste individual values from 10Ks, 10Qs and 8ks into discrete cells in excel. Instead, with Table Extraction & Modeling in AlphaSense, you are able to export all financial metrics from Income, Cash-Flow and Balance Sheet statements into one sheet in Excel file containing historical data QoQ.  

How to build financial models from AlphaSense: 

1. Search for a company's 10K or 10Q by using the company ticker search and limit your sources to US SEC Filings >  Major SEC Filings> 10Ks, 10Qs or 8Ks (like below).

2. Select a 10K or 10Q of interest and navigate to an Income, Cash-Flow or Balance Sheet table within the document. 

3. Hover your mouse over the table then a green window will appear showing options to View all Tables, View Similar Tables, or Export Table; select View Similar Tables

4. Select the quarters you'd like to include your model, in the left panel, then export your model by selecting Export Selected Tables + Model.

5. You can now see all historical financial metrics in one view in the Model sheet in your exported Excel file. *historical data is available in the other sheets as well

What's next?

Clip tables from company presentations, global filings, and ESG reports

Export Tables from SEC filings, press releases, and broker research

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