How to Share Documents & Searches

Sharing Searches and Documents with your colleagues is simple

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Note: You may be seeing your filters located at the top of your page. This indicates you are on our older version of filters. To see how to enable Vertical Filters, click here

Sharing Search Links

If you would like to share your search with a colleague, click Share Search Link on the bottom left-hand corner. The link will automatically be copied for you to paste in your desired channel.

Sharing Document Links

If you would like to share a document or data source with your colleagues, you can either:

  1. Click the blue Copy Doc Link button on the top right corner of each document and paste the link in your desired sharing channel.

  2. Click the grey Share button on the top right corner of each document then type in the name(s) of the colleague(s) you would like to share with.

Sharing with non-AlphaSense users

To make it even easier to share insights across your team, we've enabled document sharing for non-AlphaSense users. You'll follow the same workflows outlined above, however, non-users will have different levels of access to different types of content (see the below table). If a non-user is interested in seeing the full document, they can request trial access to view the full document.

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