You can upload up to 250 documents at a time into AlphaSense and search them for insight.

Whether it is folders of historical research reports or a set of internally created documents that require analysis, there is no better way to quickly push content into AlphaSense.

To add content to AlphaSense:

  1. Click on the Integration button in the upper right-hand corner of the platform window.

  2. Then, select Upload New Documents.

  3. A pop-up Upload Documents window will appear and ask you to attach the appropriate files. Simply browse your computer to select the documents you wish to upload.

  4. Once selected, you will have the option to add company tags and/or create custom tags to help classify any documents you upload.

You can share the documents with colleagues by:

  1. Tick the Share these docs box.

  2. Then, select the desired recipients by clicking on the Edit Recipients button.

Those documents are processed through our AI algorithms and are made available almost immediately and will be available for viewing in the My Content section of your AlphaSense research page. AlphaSense’s AI will automatically tag your documents and you will be able to search across internal content and apply AlphaSense’s AI search & discovery tools to a discrete set of documents for project-based work.

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