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In AlphaSense, you can search across thousands of content sets in an aggregated view, or by filtering out specific types of sources.

If you would like to isolate your search to broker research only;

  1. Open the SOURCES filter to hand-pick exactly what type of documents you’re searching across.

  2. Select Only next to Broker Research to limit your results to only broker content.

  3. Pair your search with a Watchlist to pull all broker research reports for your coverage universe.

If you would like to isolate your search to specific research firms:

  1. Open the Sources dropdown

  2. Select Only next to Broker & Independent Research

  3. In the right hand column, select the Research Firms dropdown

4. Click Select in the dropdown menu

5. Here you can pick and choose a specific firm(or multiple firms).

Note: If you find yourself always searching for the same broker's research, this is also where you can set your default providers.

6. Once you've selected providers, click Ok. Now you can apply any additional
search parameters such as keyword search terms, a companies of interest or a
Watchlist of companies.

7. Once search parameters have been applied, click on the blue Search button to
launch the search. If you'd like to save your search, select Save Search. Here you
can name your search and setup email alerts.

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