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Search AlphaSense from your Chrome search bar
Search AlphaSense from your Chrome search bar

Enable AlphaSense search directly from google chrome's search bar

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Google Chrome users are able to quickly search within  AlphaSense directly from their browser’s search bar. Chrome users, follow the instructions below to set this up:

  1. Click on the menu bar in chrome, in the top right, then click into settings. 

2. Scroll down to the “Search engine” section, then click manage search engines.  

3. In the “Other Search Engines” section, click the “Add” button.

4. The following window will appear, from here you have some choices: 

You can add one or both of these searches to chrome. *These are simple searches, so you won’t be able to combine keyword and company searches, it can only be one.

5. Now, when you type “keyword” or “ticker” in your search bar, the corresponding search will appear, after typing your search terms, hit enter and your search will run in AlphaSense.

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