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With document themes and topics, you can easily surface the most important concepts in a transcript. See how topics are trending in terms of:

  • Score (The overall relevance of a topic)

  • The overall number of mentions of a topic

  • Negative sentiment

  • Positive sentiment

  • Increase/decrease number of mentions since last quarter (available for earnings transcripts only)

To activate document themes and topics:

  1. Filter sources to Event Transcripts Only and conduct a company or ticker search.

  2. Select any transcript, and in the insights pane, you’ll see both an enhanced view into sentiment for this company quarter over quarter, as well as the topics module, that shows a list of the concepts discussed in the transcript.

Expert tip: Click on the Sort by Score dropdown menu to sort the topics by overall score, number of mentions, sentiment, or changes in mentions

Document themes and topics build upon AlphaSense’s natural language understanding technology. Scan the sentiment surrounding trending topics by viewing the pie chart optic to the right of each document theme.

To surface all related keyword hits and sentiment around a topic:

  1. Click on a document theme.

  2. You can also further refine results by isolating positive or negative mentions of a topic. Extracting themes and topics from transcripts gives you a clear view into the most important concepts that companies are discussing.

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