You can now clip tables, charts, and images from global filings, ESG reports, and company presentations, directly to Excel. Include key quantitative data into your models, analyses, and presentations, using table clipper.

  1. Open any document from Global Filings, ESG reports, or Company Presentations.

2. Enable 'Table Clipper Mode' by clicking the scissors icon.

3. Select the table or chart to clip from the document.

4. After clicking 'Export Object', the table or chart will be downloaded as an Excel file.

5. The underlying data will be above the image of the table or chart.

How do we do this?

Upon clipping a table or chart, AlphaSense parses the object for quantitative data, then, organizes the data into a clean data table in Excel, which can be manipulated, reformatted, and redesigned.

What's next?

Export Tables from SEC filings, Press Releases, and Broker Research

Build annual or quarterly models from 10K/Qs and 8Ks

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