As Environmental Social and Governance data plays an increasingly relevant role in investment portfolios and corporate strategies, there’s a desire for detailed ESG data. AlphaSense makes it easier for users to surface the salient details are normally buried in filings or company websites, which has traditionally made it difficult to comprehensively conduct ESG research, analyze it, and refine strategies accordingly.

AlphaSense also recognizes a robust library of ESG related Smart Synonyms, allowing you to further analyze content and surface relevant insights related to climate change, natural resource constraints, and many other ESG factors.

How do I filter for ESG Content?

  1. Open the Sources dropdown

  2. Select Only to search across all content or select specific ESG-specific content sets, such as Sustainability/CSR Reports, Environmental Health & Governance Reports, and Carbon Disclosure Reports on the right-hand side.

Our product specialist team has put together some relevant ESG searches here.

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