New US Manufacturing Facilities

Investment in Facilities, Plants, or Factories in the US.

Carbon Capture Tech/Targets

Explore which companies are setting targets or developing technology for carbon capture.

US Interest Rate Outlook - Macro Research

Highlights from macro reports on the US interest rate outlook

Biden Administration Vaccine Distribution

News around Biden's plan to administer 100 million vaccines in his first 100 days in office

Semiconductor Shortage

Track insights surrounding the semiconductor shortage

Small Business Loan News

Follow news on the government's restart of its small business relief program

Future of Work Strategies

Discover how companies are discussing Future of Work strategies across key company documents

Oil & Gas: New Drilling Permits

Announcements about new drilling permits received within the oil and gas industry

Unemployment Claims

Find numerical mentions of unemployment claims using the number smart synonym

Recovery Shape Commentary

See how analysts and companies are talking about economic recovery

E-Cigarette Regulations in Asia and Europe

Monitor regulatory information around the vaping market in Europe and Asia

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