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Product Update: Alerts Email Refresh
Product Update: Alerts Email Refresh

A refreshed look and improved functionality for your Alerts

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In the coming weeks, your email alerts for saved AlphaSense searches will get an upgrade. This refreshed Alerts email will allow you to take actions from alerts, faster and easier. Alerts will now include company-based trend grouping, PDF downloading, and improved link-backs.

What’s new?

Alerts Email Refresh

A fresh look for your email alerts heading

  • Easy access to your saved search with new Read All Docs in AlphaSense button.

  • Releasing shortly: see and contextualize the search or watchlist parameters of your alert.

Company Summary

Company-based trend grouping
  • See what companies have a match in your alert and jump to corresponding Company Grouping. Companies are listed in order of most documents matched to least documents matched (If the number of documents is equal, companies will be listed alphabetically).

  • Direct access to the platform with blue document results links.

Company based trend grouping

Company Grouping

  • Better scannability through grouping documents by company & ordering by relevance.

Improved results visualization & PDF downloading

Improved results visualization
  1. Additional information on document metadata including number of pages, Analyst name for Broker Research, and more.

  2. Surfacing snippets directly under the corresponding document title and easy access to document snippets with links to specific snippets selected in a document.

  3. Immediately download any document directly from your Email Alert.

  4. Summary of hits within a document.

Expose Sentiment for Transcripts

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