We’re excited to announce the release of a new search experience, as part of a wider re-imagination of the AlphaSense platform, called AlphaSense X.

This improved AI-powered search engine includes:

  • Fewer clicks to search. Quick content filters, save you time by offering immediate ways to narrow your search.

  • AI suggested content filters. Whether you are searching for a company, topic or both, our AI will recommend the most relevant content filters to efficiently power your results.

  • Instant document previews. Save time by hovering over a document in the results list to see an overview of keyword hits, companies mentioned, author and more without ever opening it.

These enhancements carry speed, simplicity, and intelligence to our users and take us another step closer to our vision of answering every business question with AlphaSense.

What's new?

How do I turn AlphaSense X on/off?

To toggle between AlphaSense X and Classic View:

  1. Click your initials in the bottom left corner

  2. Select Feature Preview

  3. Select Enable or Disable next to AlphaSense X

By enabling this feature you'll gain access to our newest feature releases along with a redesigned results list, new filter bars, facets and many performance enhancements.

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