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Restrict your search to specific subsections of company filings and earnings transcripts

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Section Search allows users to restrict their search to specific sections of 10K’s, 10Q’s, 8K's, 20f's, and earnings transcripts for higher precision search results and new types of analytics.

Section search for transcripts

  1. Select More Sources in the source shortcut filters.

  2. From Event Transcripts, select Earnings calls.

  3. Then, isolate the section of an earnings call transcript that you want to limit your search to: for example, CEO, CFO, Analyst, Presentation or Q&A 1.

Section search for company filings

Select More Sources in the source shortcut filters.

  1. To apply section search to a 10K, click the Major SEC Filings dropdown.

  2. Then, select the 10K/10KA - Annual Filings dropdown to reveal the sections you can directly filter your search for.

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