Source Filters in AlphaSense

A dynamic way to search across different content within AlphaSense

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With AlphaSense, sources are filtered in two ways:

Suggested Filters

The suggested filters or suggested source filters leverage machine learning and are contextual, based on your search. We recommend the most relevant documents based on your keywords.

How do they work?

  • Suggested filters use machine learning to recommend the most useful source filters to a user.

  • Suggested filters only populate when using keywords in your search.

  • Suggested filters will disappear when you drill into any of the Source Shortcuts.

Suggested filters are activated with a click of a button and are contextual to a user’s search based on 2 inputs:

  1. keyword and

  2. ticker/watchlist.

Suggested filters will be a light grey and display beyond the Source Shortcuts. Unclick the fixed content filters to get back to the recommended Smart filters.

Source Shortcuts

Source shortcuts are content filters that are fixed and do not change based on your search. Source shortcuts provides instant access to key source types such as Company Docs, Research, and News. You can also find a list of all sources in this section.

In Keyword Search with Source Operator

Add in:[content] + Tab to easily filter for content right in the keyword search bar, removing the need to click 2 to 3 times into a filter menu.

Full Sources Menu:

  1. Click Sources Menu at the bottom of the Source shortcuts list.

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