Searching Primary & Secondary Documents & Mentions

Expand your search to surface peers and competitors in secondary documents.

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AlphaSense enables searching across primary and secondary documents at the same time, uncovering more relevant search results than ever before.

What are primary and secondary documents?

In AlphaSense we have separate company mentions in documents into two categories:

  • A document is primary when it is either from the company (like a filing) or primarily about a company (like a company broker research report).

  • A document is secondary when it mentions a company but is not primarily about that company (like an industry report).

By requiring company name mentions in Secondary documents to appear in proximity to the keyword being searched, our search engine gets a huge improvement in the breadth and quality of search results!

How do to search for only primary documents?

The company proximity filter and will only show up when executing a ticker search. The default will be “All Company Mentions”, but you can switch to Only Primary Documents in the All [Company ticker] Mentions smart filter.

What's more?

In the snippet pane we've introduced 4 new facets to improve navigating results:

  • All - shows all results for your keyword search

  • Hits near Co - shows only keyword hits in proximity to your company

  • Positive and Negative - filter to only positive or negative commentary for your keyword search by leveraging the sentiment smart synonyms

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