(Classic View) Monitoring Companies with Dashboard

Stay up to date on your favorite companies, topics and industries with dashboard

Written by Natasha Mahoney
Updated over a week ago

Your dashboard provides a centralized place to access and organize all of your most important information streams in AlphaSense.

  1. Navigation bar: Monitor all the companies, sectors, and topics you track in one view.

  2. Content-powered search suggestions: See highlighted searches that surface key content for companies, sectors, and topics

  3. Events Calendar: See a list of upcoming events for the companies you follow

  4. Scannable document modal: Quickly access and toggle relevant documents to the tickers you follow in the dashboard.

  5. Quick access for topics: Easily track important searches on keywords and/or themes

To edit the companies, topics, or industries you follow, simply hover over Companies in the navigation bar and click Edit.

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