Company Topics reveals the topics and themes that a company is discussing.

To get started, go to any public company tearsheet in AlphaSense. The Company Topics module lives at the top of the page right below the overview section.

Here, you can view the topics that a company is talking about on earnings calls. In this module:

  1. The size of each quadrant of the grid reflects the volume of mentions

  2. The grid changes dynamically as new transcripts come in.

  3. You can analyze key metrics from this view such as Affinity, Momentum and Sentiment.

Affinity Score: Affinity tracks the uniqueness of a topic or theme for a given company in a given quarter (90 days). Affinity quantifies how unique a theme is to a company - it is calculated by comparing how important it is to that company over time vs how important it is for all other companies we track. For example, an affinity score of 1 means that a topic is unique to this company and is likely the only company talking about a particular topic.

Momentum: Momentum tracks the number of mentions of a topic or theme over the last 90 days.

Sentiment: Reflects positive/negative mentions of this topic.

Relevance: the relevance sort will order the topic tiles using a measure of how relevant that topic is to the company overall. This measure takes into account the uniqueness of the topic to the company as well as the recent growth trend.

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