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Search the written and audio record of key company events via event transcripts in AlphaSense.

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In this article, we provide an overview of the event transcript content type available in AlphaSense.

We will cover:

What are event transcripts?

Event transcripts are simply written versions of a live event. They provide a text-based record of the event itself.

In AlphaSense, you can find the following types of event transcripts:

  • Earnings Call - covering company earnings calls.

  • Company conference presentations - covering the presentations a company makes at conferences.

  • Guidance transcripts - when a company issues updated or new guidance outside of earnings.

  • Sales and trading announcements.

  • M&A and special situations - covering events where a company discusses M&A activities or other key strategic initiatives.

  • Analyst, investor, and shareholder meetings.

  • Fixed income calls - for investors buying corporate debt in the form of bonds.

  • Prepared Remarks & Follow Ups & Speeches - spot discrepancies and additional updates not discussed in earnings call transcripts.

How to search across event transcripts

To search across event transcripts, you have three main options, depending on what you are trying to achieve:

  • To search across all types of event transcripts, when performing a keyword search, use the quick content filters.

  • To search across all types of event transcripts, when performing a ticker search, use the shortcut selection under the ticker name.

  • To search across a specific type or even section of an event transcript, for example, Company Conference Presentations, use the Sources Menu via “More Sources” (under Company Docs).

Transcript versions explained

All AlphaSense users receive access to the corrected or checked transcript version. Some users will also have access to a raw version of the transcript:

  • Raw version. This becomes available via streaming seconds after the event is completed, representing an automatically captured version without human checking.

  • Corrected version. This version is made available as quality assurance and checks are completed shortly after the event ends.

You can quickly tell which version you are accessing by noting the version description at the top. NOTE: if you do not see this label, you are accessing a corrected version.

If you have questions about your transcript access, please contact our team in Live Help or your account manager.

Audio for event transcripts

Users can now access the audio version of the event transcript via our iOS app or via the events audio module on any event transcript.

  • To get started on iOS, simply click on the play button next to the document type:

  • To begin on desktop, simply navigate to the transcript you would like to listen to and click Play in the audio module, which can be found under the "Call Participants" section.

  • To play the audio: Press the play button to start the playback.

  • To change playback speeds: Toggle between playback speeds by clicking the 1x button. You’ll be able to adjust to 1.5x or 2.0x speeds.

  • To fast forward or replay any recording: Click or drag the progress indicator on the gray horizontal progress line to move forward or backward.

As you move down the transcript, the audio player will move to the bottom right-hand corner of the document, allowing you to listen anywhere.

With Audio transcripts, you can multitask while listening. Your audio player stays on-screen even if you leave AlphaSense. Most audio will be available within 1-3 hours.

Need assistance? Get quick expert help from our team in AlphaSense by clicking on "Live Help" in the top right corner.

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