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Note: You may be seeing your filters located at the top of your page. This indicates you are on our older version of filters. To see how to enable Vertical Filters ,click here

You can easily convert web pages into searchable documents using a Chrome extension called AlphaSense WebClipper.

Users are always finding interesting content on the web as part of their research process, but have historically faced the challenge of effectively saving that content for later use. This content can now be indexed, stored, and made searchable as bespoke user documents in AlphaSense with the click of button.

To add content from a website into AlphaSense, you will first need to install the AlphaSense Web Clipper extension for the Google Chrome web browser.

When you come across a website or digital article that you would like to add to AlphaSense, click on the AlphaSense Web Clipper icon in your browser toolbar. The article will immediately be sent to AlphaSense where you can find it in a search or opt to annotate, tag, and share it.

To search across your content:

The documents you add are processed through our AI algorithms and are made available almost immediately and will be available for viewing on the My Content or Integrations page in AlphaSense. AlphaSense’s AI will automatically tag your documents and you will be able to search across internal content and apply AlphaSense’s AI search & discovery tools to a discrete set of documents for project-based work.

To quickly search across all of your internal content:

  1. Click the Integrations & Notes in source shortcuts

To search across uploaded documents only:

  1. Click More Sources in source shortcuts

  2. Select Integrations

  3. Hover over Web Clipper, then click Only

To differentiate your search between content owners,

  1. Select the My Content drop-down

  2. Choose Only Mine to search across only the content you've created

  3. Choose Shared with me to search across the content your teammates have shared with you.

To review our data security, data architecture, software, and more, login to AlphaSense and select the "Integrations" option from the left-hand side bar. From there, select "Security Guidelines".

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