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Automatically sync content from your local or network drives and search through all of your organizations IP for insights

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Note: Integrating internal content in AlphaSense is currently only available within our Enterprise Intelligence offering. If you'd like to learn more, please reach out to your Account Owner or via Live Help in AlphaSense.

Additionally, this is currently only available for people accessing AlphaSense from Windows-powered devices.

Users often find themselves searching through drives for files that contain information they know exists in either previous work products, or purchased reports, or call/meeting notes. This endeavor usually starts with File Explorer searches followed by a CTRL+F, the process is slow and ineffective.

File Sync allows users to set up data synchronization once and have that data flow into AlphaSense without having to manually take action nor change how they save documents. The net result is the most up to date internal documents being available on AlphaSense, fully indexed for search and discovery.

File Sync is an installed app that lets you watch folders on your desktop, and sync the contents to AlphaSense. Shared folders and network drives can be watched for improved cross-team content/ sharing.

To Install:

  1. Download the AlphaSense File Sync App here or select FileSync from the Integrations menu. Once on the integration page, click the install button next to File Sync. This will automatically launch a download.

  2. Drag the downloaded FileSync to your desktop and follow the installation instructions.

  3. Go to FileSync Settings → check “Auto Create Team Tags from Folder Name”

Adding a file to AlphaSense File Sync:

  1. Drag a folder into the FileSync App and wait for successful load

  2. Look for the content in AS

Syncing your Google Drive to File Sync:

  1. Connect your Google Drive Account to Google Drive File Stream

From Google Drive File Stream, drag any folder into the FileSync App

Upon completion, your notes will be available for viewing and managing in the My Content or Integrations section of your AlphaSense research portal. AlphaSense’s AI will automatically tag your documents and you will be able to search across internal content created by you and your peers alongside our vast collection of data sources.

Your internal content will also organically appear when you run a relevant keyword or company search.

Expert Tip: Create tags on every document in AlphaSense based on your folder structure and naming conventions, by selecting the option in the settings section of the File Sync application.

Users tracking a particular company, watchlist, or topic can now be alerted in real-time to new content that has been created by members of their team and saved onto the shared drive.

To search across your content:

Your internal content will also organically appear when you run a relevant keyword or company search.

To quickly search across all of your internal content:

  1. Click the Integrations & Notes in source shortcuts

To search across uploaded documents only:

  1. Click More Sources in source shortcuts

  2. Select Integrations

  3. Hover over FileSync, then click Only

To differentiate your search between content owners,

  1. Select the My Content drop-down

  2. Choose Only Mine to search across only the content you've created

  3. Choose Shared with me to search across the content your teammates have shared with you.

To review our data security, data architecture, software, and more, login to AlphaSense and select the "Integrations" option from the left-hand side bar. From there, select "Security Guidelines".

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