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What is Your Recommended Reads?

Select users will receive a weekly Recommended Reads digest delivered directly to their email.

The Recommended Reads digest is a personalized list of documents sent to you based on your interests by analyzing preferences from your dashboard, alerts, watchlists, and aggregated document readership.

Your Recommended Reads email will be segmented into 5 buckets:

  • Dashboard Selection: Documents based on topics, industries, and companies that you have pre-selected

  • Alert Settings: Documents, related to your alerts selection, that you have not already read

  • Watchlist: Documents from your most active watchlists. Your recommendations will only include the companies with the most activity

  • Related Companies: Documents from secondary or adjacent companies based on the companies you follow

  • Related Industries: Documents from secondary or adjacent industries based on the companies you follow

As a reminder, all recommendations are customized to your interests and completely private and confidential. Your information is exclusive to your account and will not be shared with other users.

How do I optimize my recommendations?

1. Set up your Dashboard

Your dashboard provides a centralized place to access and organize all of your most important information streams in AlphaSense.

  • Navigation bar: Monitor all the companies, sectors, and topics you track in one view.

  • Content-powered search suggestions: See highlighted searches that surface key content for companies, sectors, and topics

  • Quick access for topics: Easily track important searches on keywords and/or themes

To edit the companies, topics, or industries you follow, simply hover over Companies in the navigation bar and click Edit.

2. Create or update your Watchlists

Searching across multiple companies gives you an understanding of how key industry players are thinking about a specific theme or trend.

To create a Watchlist:

  1. Click on the Watchlist filter button next to the ticker search bar and select Add New Watchlist.

  2. Here you can type company names individually in the top left entry box, or upload them as a group by copy-pasting tickers into the larger field - click the Validate button below to add these to your Watchlist.

  3. Once your list is complete, click Save, name your list and select Create New Watchlist.

You can now overlay your Watchlist to search for any theme or topic across all the companies you monitor.

To update a Watchlist:

  1. Click on the Watchlist filter button next to the ticker search bar and select the expand button next to your desired watchlist

  2. From here you can:

    1. Select Manage to edit the companies in your watchlist

    2. Select Rename to edit the name of your Watchlist

    3. Select Duplicate to keep your current Watchlist while creating a new one with similar companies

    4. Select Delete to remove that Watchlist from your list

3. Set up ongoing alerts

Ensure you don’t miss critical changes to the companies or topics you care about.

To create a new alert:

  1. Begin with a search on a relevant topic (for example, any mentions of capital expenditures within broker research).

  2. After running a search, create your Alert by selecting the green Create Alert For This Search button.

  3. Select the desired frequency, whether that’s real-time, multiple times a day or weekly, and name the alert.

AlphaSense will deliver email alerts based on your search criteria with highlighted statements, meaningful context, and links that bring you back to that document in the AlphaSense platform, allowing you to quickly react to the news that triggered the alert

To edit your alert:

Simply go to My Searches in the top row near the search bar, find the search /alert you would like to edit, then click Edit Search Criteria. Don't forget to click Save Changes when you are done editing.


How do I edit the criteria for my Recommended Reads?

Your recommended reads are automatically generated based on your dashboard, alerts, watchlists, and aggregated readerships. To adjust the recommendations you are shown, simply update your preferences for your dashboard, alerts, or watchlists.

How do I optimize my Recommended Reads?

In order to get the best experience from Recommended Reads, users can create and update the following monitoring features within AlphaSense:

  • Dashboards

  • Alerts

  • Watchlists

How are my documents ranked?

Documents are ranked based weighted average of the following scores:

  • User Preferences Based on Readership

  • Doc Freshness

  • Content Quality

How do I unsubscribe from Recommended Reads?

To change or unsubscribe from your Recommended Reads email, select Manage Subscription at the bottom of the email.

How do I subscribe to Recommended Reads?

The initial launch of Recommended Reads is sent to a select group of Corporate and Financial Services Clients. To request a subscription to Recommended Reads, please reach out to your Account Manager.

I’m concerned about my privacy - will my data be shared?

Your information is exclusive to you and will not be shared with any other user

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