Reverse Ticker Searches

Exclude companies from your search using Reverse Ticker

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To run a Reverse Ticker search:

  • Navigate to the Company & Ticker Search

  • Type a minus sign (-) before typing out the name or ticker of any public or private company

  • Once you hit enter or select your company, the element will turn red

PRO TIP: Usually you'll couple Reverse Ticker Searches and the "Company Documents" content set

When to use a Reverse Ticker Search

Although there are many ways to leverage a reverse ticker search, a few of the most used are:

  • Perhaps you already know what a company’s message and strategy is in regards to a topic, but you want to learn what other players are doing and saying.

    • You can use a reverse ticker search to remove the expected noise and focus on new or unfamiliar players

  • Perhaps you want to understand how other companies are talking about your organization?

    • You can run a reverse ticker search for your own organization...and then add your company’s name to the Keyword search string...resulting in all documents pertaining to your topic and company...but nothing produced by your organization.

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