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Organize content with custom tags in AlphaSense

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Tags are an easy way to categorize and search content for you and your team around particular themes and focus areas

Creating and Adding Tags

To create a new tag, or add an existing tag to a document, simply select the "Tag" icon in the upper right-hand corner of the document preview.

Simply type out the name and either choose from a previously created tag (1) or create a new one (2). Note: tags cannot contain spaces

After a tag has been added, you'll see the applied tags listed in the document results list on the left-hand side (1), and under the title of the document (2).

My Tags vs Team Tags

There are two types of tags in AlphaSense: My Tags and Team Tags.

  • My Tags

    • "My Tags" are tags that you have created that are visible only to you.

  • Team Tags

    • "Team Tags" are tags that you or a colleague have created that are visible to your entire organization. Adding a Team Tag is a great way of sharing content with your team to centralize your research in a single place (ex: M&ATEAM)

    • Team Tags are also noted by a "shared" icon in the tag itself

Filtering for Tagged Content

Filter by your tagged content by using the "My Tags" filter in the second row of filters and facets

You can search across all tags or narrow to only "My Tags" or "Team Tags". You can run the search with only the tag filter applied to surface all tagged content or utilize Keyword Search and Company Search to search for particular themes and companies among your and your organization's tagged content

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