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A Guide to the Four Perspectives in AlphaSense
A Guide to the Four Perspectives in AlphaSense

An introduction to the four key perspectives available in AlphaSense and how to leverage them.

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AlphaSense brings together four key market perspectives in one powerful platform to give you the complete picture, to help you quickly find detailed insights, and to make better decisions.

The four voices are those of (we break down each, and give search ideas):

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Why use AlphaSense to mine these four perspectives?

AlphaSense not only gives you access to content from these four market perspectives (oftentimes exclusive access), but pairs this access with proprietary AI to help you quickly and confidently identify the insights you need โ€” so you can build a complete picture and ensure you never miss anything important.

The company perspective

These are documents published by a company (10Qs, Earnings Calls, etc).

Why it matters: This is how you get the company's official view.

Companies produce all kinds of documents and content that help you understand how they are performing, gives you clues as to their strategy, and helps explain changes and events in the company's life.

Examples in AlphaSense: Company filings, presentations, earnings transcripts, press releases, ESG reports.

Search ideas:

The analyst perspective

Research published by expert researchers.

Why it matters: Having extensive research and analysis already completed for you, at your fingertips.

Note: If you need access to broker research in AlphaSense, reach out to your account manager.

In-depth research is produced by Wall Street researchers, who leverage years of experience to dive deep into companies, industries, and markets.

Examples in AlphaSense: Company reports, market reports, Industry reports, macro reports, and market research.

Search ideas:

The journalist & regulator perspectives

Content published in news and trade journals alongside publications by government agencies and NGOs.

Why it matters: Get the outside world view.

See how the wider world, including industry experts, government agencies, and NGOs are reacting to events, topics, and news, as well updates from government agencies.

Examples in AlphaSense: Business news, market news, general news, trade publications, macroeconomic organizations, healthcare & life sciences, energy, regional & global government agencies, and NGOs.

Use cases:

The expert perspective

Largely exclusive first-hand accounts from the experts who were there.

Why it matters: Experienced interviewers get detailed, first-hand intel from experts.

Hear directly from the people who were there. From former employees talking about company/competitor dynamics, to customers & channel partners reacting to service/product updates, and competitors giving their perspective on the market landscape.

Learn more about why expert interviews are so powerful. Note: If you need access to expert calls in AlphaSense, reach out to your account manager.

Examples in AlphaSense: Former employee, customer, competitor, channel partner, reseller, industry experts, and more.

Search ideas:

Need help? Learn more about filtering for specific sources, or get quick expert help from our team in AlphaSense by clicking on "Live Help" in the top right corner.

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