Clinical studies reported to represent an important content set for Life Science professionals to monitor and review for competitive intelligence and business development needs. In this article, we will cover the following:

Overview & Why use AlphaSense?

AlphaSense provides access to all clinical studies registered at

Monitoring changes in clinical studies has always been challenging, considering the volume of updates submitted to This is why users turn to AlphaSense. We make searching and monitoring content easy.

Here are some common use cases:

  • To identify the indications for which a drug is being tested

  • To identify what other drugs are being developed within that indication

  • View all the trials in a company’s clinical pipeline

  • Set alerts to stay on top of trial developments, including changes to PCD, study design, status updates, etc.

How To Select Content

  1. Navigate to the More Sources filter in your fixed filter bar.

  2. Select Healthcare & Life Science under the regulatory section.

  3. Ensure that the is checked before clicking search. Click Only next to if you want to only search through abstracts.

Material Change Detection

Any change to Primary Completion Date, Phase, Status, Arms, Primary Outcome Update, or a New Trials represent a material update. AlphaSense will make it easy for you to detect such changes by appending corresponding prefixes to the trial title: "PCD Update", "Phase Change", "Status Change", "Arm Change", "Pr. Outcome Update", or "New Trial" You can also use these prefixes as your search filters if you’d like to hone-in on a particular type of the update.

Change highlighting

Once you open a trial, AlphaSense will highlight for you all the latest changes in the study, so you can quickly scan the trial and identify updates that are worthwhile to review further. New and edited text will be highlighted. When you hover over a change in status, phase, or other trial property, AlphaSense will also show the previous value.

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Setting Up Alerts for ClinicalTrials.Gov

Never miss out on clinical trial updates with real-time alerts from

To Set up Alerts On ClinicalTrials.Gov Content:

  1. Narrow your sources to only.

  2. Search your specific area of interest in the Keyword Search.

  3. Create your alert by selecting the green Create Alert button.

  4. Name the alert then select the desired frequency whether that’s real time, multiple times a day or weekly and choose its location on your dashboard.

AlphaSense will automatically sync with your connected drive and will deliver email alerts based on your search criteria when you or a colleague updates content in your drive.

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