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Connect your Box account to automatically sync documents and search for insights.

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Integrate documents from your Box account into AlphaSense, easily expanding your access to valuable internal content on the AlphaSense platform, creating a more seamless workflow experience.

Set up the sync

By syncing your Box content to AlphaSense, you'll not only save time not needing to check multiple, disparate systems but also increase your confidence by searching all your content sets in one platform.

To sync your account:

  1. Select Integrations on the left-hand sidebar of the platform

  2. Select Box

  3. Click Connect Box to be redirected to an authorization window where you may sign in.

  4. Once authorized, you will be able to select the folders you want to automatically sync to AlphaSense


Things to Note:

  • Depending on your organization's settings, you might need to get in contact with your Box administrator

  • Both new and existing folders will default to being auto-synced

  • Updates to previously uploaded, editable files (ex: Word, Excel, etc) will not overwrite highlights/annotations made in AlphaSense.

Searching your Box content

Upon completion, your files will be available for viewing and managing in the My Content or Integrations section of your AlphaSense account. AlphaSense’s AI will automatically tag your documents and you will be able to search across internal content created by you and your peers alongside our vast collection of research, expert calls, company docs, news and regulatory information.

Your internal content will also organically appear when you run a relevant keyword or company search.

To search only your Box content, select "More Sources", and select "Only" for Box under the Integrations section.

Expert Tip: To search across only your internal content, select the "Integrations & Notes" content filter.

To review our data security, data architecture, software, and more, login to AlphaSense and select the "Integrations" option from the left-hand side bar. From there, select "Security Guidelines".

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