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News and Trade Journals Overview
News and Trade Journals Overview

An overview of the News content set within AlphaSense

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What are News and Trade Journals?

AlphaSense News offering provides the latest articles from 1,500 global, regional, and local newspapers, as well as 2,000 trade publications. These include some internationally recognized sources like Boston Globe, LA Times, NY Times, USA Today, and The Independent. AlphaSense News enables you to find private company information around deals, M&A info, specific industry information, and press releases, and maintain a comprehensive news pulse overall.

Types of News Offerings in AlphaSense

Business News - High-value publications with a focus on economic and business news stories. The news coverage in this category is broken down by region.

General News - Other global and local news content broken down by region.

Markets News - Publications with a primary focus on asset pricing by financial markets. This content would typically be of no or little interest to corporate clients.

Trade Publications - Thematically-focused articles targeting a particular trade or industry. Trade publications are broken down by vertical covering the latest trends, M&A dealings, new products, and other developments in the selected industry.

AlphaSense's news curation service includes continuous onboarding of new sources, and updates to existing sources so that our news stream remains relevant and high quality.

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