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An overview of the Press Release content within AlphaSense

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What are Press Releases?

Press Releases are written statements released by private and public companies and organizations. They are used to notify the public of various happenings, such as a company issuing a public note offering; a new product patent or product release; advancing research on a specific business segment; hiring a new CEO; announcing a merger, acquisition, or new partnership; giving or receiving an award; etc. However, unlike SEC filings, press releases are not mandated by a governing body.

Types of Press Releases

Corporate Earnings - announcements or recaps of recent earnings calls

Conference Calls - announcements of upcoming conference calls

Mergers & Acquisitions - announcements of a new merger or acquisition, or change to the terms of a deal (such as an increase in equity or stake in a company)

Dividends - announcement of a dividend, with information on how much the dividend is and when it will be payable to shareholders.

Stock Buybacks - announcement of a company's repurchase of shares in its own stock.

Private Company - press releases released by private companies but still may contain most of the information that would be present within a public company’s press release

Miscellaneous Subjects - announcements on anything and everything else that a company wants to make a public statement about.

Why are Press Releases beneficial?

Press releases offer insights into company happenings that may have very large impacts on how the business operates. Since these are not mandated by the SEC, these are used as a marketing tool as well as news updates for the public allowing you to be made aware of new initiatives.

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