Global Filings Overview

An overview of the Global Filings content set within AlphaSense

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What are Global Filings?

Global Filings are reports of international (non-U.S.) companies that are publicly traded on foreign exchanges.

What do Global Filings contain?

Like SEC filings, they are a direct way to discover specific company financials, metrics, business plans, security issuance, ownership and executive changes, M&A considerations, etc

Types of Global Filings

Annual and Interim Reports

ARS (Annual Report) - An annual report that summarizes the company's latest financial performance and may also contain hints about its future direction.

INTRM (Interim Report) - A summary of the company's financial performance that is typically released on a quarterly basis, but can be any period of time shorter than a year

M&A and Ownership Documents - M&A announcements, Ownership statements, Dividend releases, Share repurchases, and changes in capital

Prospectus and Registration Documents - An offering prospectus is a document that is given to investors for investment consideration and hopeful funding. The document spells out the offering terms and what you will receive in return for his or her capital.

Information Circulars and IR Releases - Documents released for a company’s shareholders that outline important matters on the agenda at the annual shareholders' meeting, or at a special shareholders' meeting. The information circular also solicits proxy votes and provides procedures for voting on key issues.

Why are Global Filings beneficial?

Similar to SEC filings, Global Filings are a way to get accurate information in regard to company-specific financials, metrics, business plans, security issuances, ownership, executive changes, and M&A considerations to get a complete picture of a company’s standing

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