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Garner insights faster than ever with Image Search by uncovering information within images that are typically hidden from search results

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What Is Image Search?

Image Search is a tool that helps you discover hidden insights from charts/tables/images that otherwise would be difficult to find using document search or not otherwise surfaced with search keywords. When looking for specific data, e.g., smartphone market share in EMEA, you can check if there’s an image with those numbers instead of finding the numbers individually/in-text and creating your own chart/graphic.

Run an Image Search:

To access image search, run a search via the Keyword Search Bar. Once your results have populated, locate the Charts & Tables tab within the search summary.

Accessing the Charts & Tables tab will bring you to a page displaying all charts and tables within your search results, which you can browse. Images are listed in order of relevance. Clicking on an image will give you a larger view of the chart or table, but it should be noted that for broker research credits, clicking on an image located within Broker Research will count as consuming a credit.

You can find a list of other charts and tables within the same document below the enlarged preview. Clicking the image again will take you to the image’s location within a document so you can gather context around it.

Can I Save the Images I Find?

Yes, I highly encourage you to copy these charts and tables to the clipboard, where you can easily add them to your notebook so you can document your research insights without ever having to leave the AlphaSense platform. AlphaSense also allows you to download these images to suit all of your analysis needs.


Q: Which types of documents are Image Search results pulled from?

A: The Charts & Tables feed includes images from SEC Filings, Global Filings, Broker Research, ESG Reports, Regulatory Documents, Earnings and Investor Day Presentations, Fact Sheets, Whitepapers, and Case Studies.

Q: Are all historical documents included in Image Search?

A: Documents published since May 2022 will surface. All newly published documents are included.

Q: Does filtering the search bring up different images?

A: Yes — the images are surfaced from only the documents in the left side bar, so changing content filters, if it changes the document results, will change the image feed.

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