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What is Feature Preview?

Feature Preview is where you can see upcoming product features and changes available for you to try out, providing you early access to what often become standard features within the platform. By opting into feature previews, you help our product teams build higher-quality features through your engagement and feedback, which in turn helps us create new features that add value for you!

How to Access Feature Preview

  1. Click your initials in the bottom left corner of the platform.

  2. Select the section that says feature preview.

  3. Read through the options available to you.

  4. Select the action button, e.g., enable or disable/ opt-in, opt-out.

  5. This will refresh the page and load the feature.

Note: in the case of previews for changes to existing features (ex, V2 -> V3), anything you set up in the new feature will not import back over if you should choose to disable or opt out of the feature at a later time. And it should be noted that anything you set up in the new feature may not be there if you enable the feature again, so exercise caution doing so.

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