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Notebook+ In the AlphaSense iOS app
Notebook+ In the AlphaSense iOS app

Take all the same amazing features of Notebook+ on the go with you

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Accessing Your Notes

  • To open your Notes, locate the Notebook Icon in your menu bar.

  • Once here, you will be brought to your Notebook, complete with all of the features you are familiar with from our web-based version

Creating a New Note

To create a new Note:

  • Locate the Notebook Icon in your menu bar

  • Tap the "+" icon

  • Add a title to the note as well as any additional content

Formatting Your Notes

In Notebook+ you can now format your note to suit your desired style. In order to access text formatting, click the font icon.

Once open, you have the ability to select font styles such as bold, underlined, italicized, stricken-through, normal text, and headings.

To return, Tap the return arrow. You can then add ordered (numbered) and unordered (bulleted) lists to your note from the note editor menu to style and organize your content.

Images in your Notes

You can also tap on the ‘+’ icon in the note editor menu to insert an image, a table, a horizontal section divider, or the current date to give you a truly custom view of your research.

Searching Your Notes

By using the Keyword and company search bars, you can quickly search for notes using the same smart synonym tech that drives our industry-leading search engine. In-notebook search bars also support boolean search operators, so you can search within your Notes with greater specificity.

Note: Any note that you create in the Notebook can also be found in Main Search. However, you can only read the note. You can only make changes to the content of the note or to the companies and tags added to the note if you access the notebook section of the app.

Note: This is not just searching for the title of your notes but also any content within the note itself.

Tagging your Notes

Tagging is a great way to organize your notes. You can assign companies and tags to a note you have access to. Tagging your notes allows you to search across your notes with ease, improving the organization of your notes.

Sharing your Notes

As a note owner, you can share a note with other users or groups. This enables you to collaborate with your team and share research without the need to share the document using email or other messaging apps. You even have the ability to grant permission to your recipients to edit and share the note.

Version History

Notebook+ automatically saves all edits made to your notes in the local note history. This feature enables you to easily review and track the changes you've made to your notes on your mobile device.

Tap on ‘Note History’ to see all the versions of the note with their timestamps. When you tap on a version, you will be able to see the content of the note in that version.

You can also tap on ‘Restore’ to restore to your selected version.

Offline Mode

Offline mode ensures you always have access to your research insights, even when you're not connected to the internet. With the ability to read, create new notes, edit existing notes (including adding keyword tags), keyword search for notes, and export without an internet connection, you can remain productive at any time.

And with syncing capabilities, you can seamlessly transition between the offline and online versions of your notes.

Note: sharing, adding/searching for company tags within Notebook+ is not available in offline mode.

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