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Companies House Filings Overview
Companies House Filings Overview

An overview of the Companies House Filings content set within AlphaSense

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What are Companies House Filings?

Companies House is a UK registrar of all “limited liability companies” doing business in the UK. Effectively, this means all private companies and subsidiaries of public companies.

What do Companies House filings contain?

Companies House Filings contains information on a company’s financial status, ownership, and other key details. Many use the filings to find metrics such as operating margin, sales growth, cash flow, turnover, share value, dividends, and director changes.

Types of Companies House filings

Accounts – Company accounts are documents prepared at the end of a financial year that show how a company has performed over the accounting period.

Capital – The statement of capital is a "snapshot" of a limited company's issued share capital at a given time.

Charges – The charge, or mortgage, refers to the rights a company gives to a lender in return for a loan. The rights are often in the form of security given over a company asset or group of assets. Almost all charges should be registered with Companies House.

Confirmation Statements – A confirmation statement confirms the information we hold about your company is up to date. You must file a confirmation statement at least once a year - but you may choose to file more often.

Annual Returns – Contain details of the company's directors, shareholders, and registered office address.

Incorporation – A legal document to establish a new or existing business as a limited company. The document contains basic business information, such as company address and number of shares.

Officers – The Appointment / Termination of Appointment of a Company's Directors – and any other changes being made.

Miscellaneous – Documents that don’t fit in any of the above categories.

Why are Companies House filings beneficial?

Companies House provides access to private company information and financials, which is crucial for due diligence when making investment decisions and for peer benchmarking.

How do you search within Companies House?

  1. Use the source menu to filter for “Companies House Filings,” which can be found in the Company Docs section

  2. Use the company name of interest within the keyword search, not the company search

  3. If you have specific keywords you are looking for, add them to the keyword search box

    1. Note that this works in a majority of the documents but not all due to the nature of the document. Over time, this functionality will work across more documents.

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