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AlphaSense for Research Analysts
AlphaSense for Research Analysts

Top use cases for research analysts

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This comprehensive guide will provide insight into the top use cases of AlphaSense for sell side research, as well as provide sample searches to get you started!

Note: For any search in this article, replace any topic of interest and/or company to customize for your purposes

Expedite Earnings Analysis with Smart Summaries

Gather key positives, negatives, outlooks, and Q&A highlights from earnings call instantly with generative AI

Private Company Funding

Discover information around funding among startups within a given industry

Mapping the Competitive Landscape

Learn the key companies discussing a particular topic via the Search Summary

Idea Generation from Earnings Transcripts

Discover how companies in a given industry are discussing a given topic in their Event Transcripts?

  • ["Idea Generation from ET" search] > Replace keyword with topics of interest to you, as well as change the Industry filter for the corresponding industry of choice

Monitor M&A updates on a specific company

Uncover M&A updates around a given company/watchlist

Search for hedging or strategy across a watchlist

Search for hedging or strategy across a group of companies

Tracking questions raised by analysts within transcripts

Broad search across transcripts Q&As to search for your peers asking on the companies that you cover

Monitor liquidity red flags across your coverage universe

Uncover red flags from your coverage universe

Track your sector's outlook and predictions for a given time period/second half of the year

Uncover predictions from your coverage universe at a given moment in time

Tracking management commentary on key metrics over time to gauge management credibility

Example search of pulling service requests and viewing sentiment around the commentary

Government debt upgrades and downgrades

Uncover information related to government debt upgrades or downgrades

Find covenants for a specific company/watchlist

Find commentary on deal activity across content sets

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