Expert Call Services Overview

This articles explains why and how to leverage Expert Call Services

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Save time and elevate your expert connections with AlphaSense’s Expert Call Services—

a game-changing solution delivering the most cost-effective access to pre-qualified

experts, complete with transparent pricing, free transcriptions, and world-class

compliance for an unparalleled experience.

Why use Expert Call Services

  1. You gain access to thousands of credible expert sources: AlphaSense's Expert Call Services provides access to more than one million expert profiles spanning all industries across the globe

  2. You get Higher ROI on expert insights research: Get direct access to industry experts and make informed investment decisions without over spending

  3. Custom recruiting for every project: we rapidly identify the best experts for your projects, pre-qualifying them based on customer-specific screening questions

  4. Industry leading Compliance: Pre and post-call due diligence and meticulous transcript review ensure secure and compliant conversations tailored to accommodate even the most complex compliance needs. Access a dedicated portal for visibility and instant audit reports

Self-directed Calls

  1. Uncover deeper insights by conducting calls directly with experts

  2. Find experts fast by workin with your dedicated Research Manager who will identify experts that best fir your project and set up your call

  3. Get access to the call transcript after the call with no additional cost

How to Request a Call

  1. Send a research request- Reach out to your dedicated Research Manager with your specific research needs

  2. Receive Expert Profiles - Get a curated list of expert profiles matching your request within hour.

  3. Select & connect- Choose the experts you want to speak with, and our team will coordinate and schedule the calls or let one of our client contributors conduct the cal for you

  4. Receive Transcription- Obtain transcriptions of your call after the call takes place

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