Customer-Managed Encryption Keys
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Developer Portal Documentation

Check out our Developer Portal for more information on bringing your own encryption keys into AlphaSense and proper configuration


What are customer-managed encryption keys?

  • Customer-managed encryption keys ensures that you have full control over the security of your data while leveraging the AlphaSense platform. They allow you to retain control over the encryption keys used to encrypt and decrypt your data within AlphaSense. This means that you can generate, manage, and revoke encryption keys as needed, providing an additional layer of security and control over your data. Checkout our blog article to learn more.

What level of control will you have over you encryption keys?

  • With the customer-managed encryption keys feature, you will have full control over your encryption keys, including the ability to generate, rotate, revoke, and manage access to them.

Can you bring your own encryption keys, or are they generated by AlphaSense?

  • Yes, you can bring your own encryption keys to our system if you prefer. Alternatively, we also offer the option to have encryption keys generated by our system.

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