Searching across multiple companies gives you an understanding of how key industry players are thinking about a specific theme or trend.

To create a Watchlist:

  1. Click on the grey Watchlists button next to your Company/Ticker search bar.

  2. Select Add New Watchlist.

  3. Here you can type company names individually in the top left entry box, or upload them as a group by copy pasting tickers into the larger field - click the Validate button below to add these to your Watchlist.

  4. Once your list is complete, click Save, name your list and select Create New Watchlist.

You can now overlay your Watchlist to search for any theme or topic across all of the companies you monitor.

To add a Watchlist to your Dashboard:

While creating your Watchlist, ensure the "Show Watchlist in Dashboard" option is selected. You can check/uncheck this option at any time.

How do I export companies in my search results to a watchlist?

Hover over the company name in the “Companies in Search Results” module and click +Watchlist to add to existing or new watchlist.

Can I share watchlists with other people at my company?

Yes, you can send a copy of a Watchlist to individuals, groups or everyone at your company. You can learn more about sharing watchlists here.

Can I access Watchlists created by other people at my company?

Yes. Ask them to send a copy of a Watchlist with you and it will automatically show up in your Watchlists.

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