Sharing Watchlists

Help your team save time by sharing watchlists with individuals, groups or everyone at your company.

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Sharing Watchlists make it easy for anyone at your company to search across a pre-set list of companies.

To send a copy of a Watchlist:

  1. In AlphaSense, click on the grey Watchlists button next to your Company/Ticker Search bar.

    In Classic, click on the black Watchlists button under your Keyword Search.

  2. Select Send a copy next to the Watchlist you would like to share.

  3. Then, type in the name of a specific individual, a group, or select everyone at your company. You also have the option to add a message to the notification they will receive.

  4. When you click Send, the users you selected will be notified via email that a Watchlist has been shared and your Watchlist will now appear in their Watchlist dropdown.

Anyone at your company can now use your pre-built Watchlists to search for any theme across all the companies you monitor.

If I change my watchlist will it be updated for other members on my team?

No, when you share a Watchlist they will receive a copy that they can manage on their own.

Can members on my team edit the watchlists I share with them?

Yes, they can manage the Watchlist as if they created it.

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