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Note: You may be seeing your filters located at the top of your page. This indicates you are on our older version of filters. To see how to enable Vertical Filters ,click here

What is the logic behind Suggested Filters?

The Suggested Filters leverage machine learning and are contextual, based on your search. We recommend the most relevant documents based on your keywords.

How do I see the number of document search results?

Documents results are:

  • Listed below the search summary title

  • Listed in the document trend

Document trend

How do I select multiple Source Shortcuts at once?

Click each pill that applies to your search; or

  1. Go to More Sources

  2. Check and uncheck sources to get your desired results.

How do I see what I’ve read or unread?

Bolded document titles mean unread and unbold is read

How do I read the new document cards in the search results?

Can I sort my results by company or source type?

Yes you can! Simply select the sorting option from the Document Results List and choose the sorting option you'd like to use.

Note: whatever "Source Sorting" option you choose to use will be how documents are sorted for any future searches until it is changed.

How do I export companies in my search results to a watchlist?

Hover over the company name in the “Companies in Search Results” module and click +Watchlist to add to existing or new watchlist.

Where can I see content that is shared with me?

  1. Click on Sources menu and filter to Integrations Only

  2. Shared content will be commingled in with your own documents

Note: There is no way to filter to shared content ONLY*

What does all (company name) mentions mean and how do I only see primary ticker?

The default setting for searches will be “All Company Mentions”. However, the company proximity filter and will only show up when executing a ticker search. To change to “primary company only" drill down into the filter.

CPS Primary Ticker

Where can I find the Industry filter, market cap filter, and country filter?

These filters will only show up when searching for keywords only. They will not be visible when running any search that includes a ticker or watchlist.

Why do we default to ALL (Company) Mentions?

This improves the quality of the search by including industry and strategy reports which would otherwise be missed if Primary Ticker was the default.

How do I export PDF summary?

Select the "Export" option at the bottom of the document results list and select "Generate Summary PDF"

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