Leveraging equity research in AlphaSense is unique.

You can use AlphaSense’s powerful search tools to surface, extract and use the most relevant snippets of information from broker research. Our team has created several features that will help you export and integrate findings from individual reports into your deliverables without needing to download entire reports. Read on for some tips on how to efficiently consume equity research in AlphaSense via:

Differentiating between AMR research and regular research

Know which documents require after-market research credit before you read.

Only documents tagged with a dark grey AMR tag on the bottom right will count towards your broker research consumption.

Using the Table of Contents to scan for relevant pages

Control the number of pages you need to download with AMR Table of contents.

For any document with an AMR tag, you will be able to preview all of the pages in a Table of Contents. Here you will be able to:

  • Select and jump to the relevant pages

  • Filter for only free pages

  • Filter for only pages with relevant keyword hits

You will also be able to jump back to the table of contents by selecting the Table of Contents button on the top right-hand corner of your document pane.

Isolating Equity Research in AlphaSense & Using Keyword Hits Bar to Scan Relevant Snippets

To run an initial search, type a keyword into the search bar and limit your sources to Broker Research ONLY.

Keyword Hits section highlights relevant commentary you should focus on within reports. You do not need to download/click through the entire report to see these relevant pages.

You can scroll through the keywords hit page without consuming any broker research credits. If a keyword hit catches your interest, you can see the full page of the report that keyword hit is on by simply clicking on the keyword hit to take you to that page. (when you go to a specific page in a report, you will be consuming credits)

You can also generate a Summary PDF of your search in order to view ALL Keyword hits and a synopsis without consuming any of your aftermarket broker research credits.

AS-Export PDF Summary

Sharing Equity Research with Teammates

You can share with colleagues in a few ways:

  • via the Copy Doc link at the top of your document

  • via the Share Search Link at the bottom of search results

Sharing a report does not impact credit consumption. Only pages you read in advance of sharing would count towards your consumption limit, and only pages read by the recipient would count towards your consumption limit.

Sharing broker research

Capturing broker research insights via Notebook

Use Notebook to capture and share valuable insights from various reports.

You can take notes and build deliverables right in AlphaSense and export those to Word or PDF without having to download entire reports.

To add a snippet of research to a note, highlight a piece of text. On have you’ll see a menu of options. Select the Notebook icon to add that snippet to a note.

AS Notebook

For more on creating notes, read Create Notes and Share Insights With Notebook.

Integrate data with Table tools

Leverage Table Tools to export and integrate findings from individual reports into your deliverables without needing to download entire reports

To Export a table, use the Export All Tables to Excel button in the upper right-hand corner of the Document Viewer or extract tables individually using the Export Table to Excel button in the upper right-hand corner of each module.

By clicking on either button, an Excel file with one or multiple worksheets (depending on how many table(s) the user wishes to export) will automatically be generated and downloaded.

For more on Table Extraction, read Table Extraction.

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