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Convert your emails into searchable documents

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You can forward any email to AlphaSense and convert them into searchable documents.

Note: Integrating internal content in AlphaSense is currently only available within our Enterprise Intelligence offering. If you'd like to learn more, please reach out to your Account Owner or via Live Help in AlphaSense.

To email content into AlphaSense, send an email from the email address associated with your AlphaSense account. Create auto-forwarding rules to automate and scale this process for certain emails.

  • To send a note or content for your personal use, email the document to: [email protected].

  • To send a note or content to share within your firm, email the document to: [email protected].

To search across your content:

Once emailed in, your email will be available for viewing in the My Content or Integrations page in AlphaSense. AlphaSense will automatically recognize and tag companies in your content for you. However, if you wish to tag your notes manually, include the "$" prefix with a ticker in your email.

Expert tip: Add the 2-letter country code suffix for securities outside the US.

To quickly search across all of your internal content:

  1. Click the Integrations & Notes in source shortcuts

To search across uploaded documents only:

  1. Click More Sources in source shortcuts

  2. Select Integrations

  3. Hover over Email In, then click Only

To differentiate your search between content owners,

  1. Select the My Content drop-down

  2. Choose Only Mine to search across only the content you've created

  3. Choose Shared with me to search across the content your teammates have shared with you.

To review our data security, data architecture, software, and more, login to AlphaSense and select the "Integrations" option from the left-hand side bar. From there, select "Security Guidelines".

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