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How to Curate a News Feed for Companies You're Tracking
How to Curate a News Feed for Companies You're Tracking

Create a 24-hour news feed for M&A targets, Peersets, or potential Competitors

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STEP 1: Create a Watchlist for a category of companies (ex: Peersets, M&A targets, etc)

Add companies by their respective Tickers, ISINs or CUSIPs

STEP 2: Adjust content filters

To filter 24-hr news for these companies, we suggest selecting all News and Regulatory info as your sources as well as Press Releases within "Company Docs" from the More Sources dropdown menu.

STEP 3: Change the Timeframe selector to 24 hours

AlphaSense searches will default to the last 12 months. Adjust the timeframe selector to the right of the Company & Ticker Search to run your search for only the past 24 hours.

STEP 4: Add your search to your Dashboard

Once you've run your search for the companies you're interested in, you can save it and add it to a Dashboard. You can create a Watchlist Dashboard and add this News Feed to it or create a Custom Dashboard to curate all your News Feeds in one place.

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