February Releases

In this article we cover all the enhancements from February 2022.

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Let us take a look at each of the releases:

Exclusive access to Goldman Sachs research via WSI

All users with access to Wall Street Insights® (WSI), now have exclusive access to Goldman Sachs (GS) after-market research. The power of this research is truly global and broad in coverage, with Goldman Sachs providing original insights and analysis on the economy, markets, and industries, as well as fundamental research on over 3,000 companies globally.

Drag and drop dashboard

You can now customize your dashboards in one click with our new drag and drop functionality, making it easier to find the information you need faster. Rearrange your overall dashboard panel by dragging up or down, and customize the view within each individual dashboard by dragging left or right.

Audio player enhancements

The audio player has moved. All users can now access the audio player for earnings transcripts within the document itself, right below the list of participants. Simply click play to begin listening (even continue listening while clicking into other documents).

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