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Instantly see the trending topics for a group of companies

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The Trending Topics module, available via the dashboard, allows you to see the top 100 topics that are trending for a single company or a group of companies in a watchlist or industry.

In this article, we will cover:

How to get started?

For the Trending Topics module to populate on the dashboard, you will need a company, watchlist, or industry dashboard already set up. Here is how:


  1. Create a Company Dashboard


  1. Make sure the watchlist is on your dashboard

  2. Click into the watchlist dashboard view


  1. Create an Industry Dashboard

How to find Trending Topics?

To find the module, click on a company, watchlist, or industry dashboard view, and the Trending Topics module will appear in the top left corner of that dashboard view.

PLUS, by clicking on a topic in the module, you can easily explore a specific topic. Upon clicking, you will be launched to a search for that topic and group of companies.

How to export data?

You can easily export the data from the Trending Topics module by clicking on the export button in the top right of the module itself. This will automatically start the process of downloading a .xlsx file, which can be used in various spreadsheet applications.

The downloaded data will include the following data points:

  • The topic

  • Total mentions

  • The number of positive, negative, and neutral mentions

  • Overall trend score (see below for how scores are calculated)

  • The number and percent of companies included

What you can see from the module:

  1. Top 100 trending topics

  2. The number (and percent) of companies [for watchlist & industry]

  3. The topic trend for the last 12 months

  4. Total number of mentions

  5. The sentiment behind the trend

How are topics scored?

Topic scores are a mixture of the relative volume of mentions (compared to historical norms), and the number of companies in the group that are mentioning that specific topic. To get to the top of the list, a topic must be:

  • High in volume - at or close to all-time high volumes of mention

  • Shared by many in the group - be mentioned by many companies in the group

  • Be unique enough - be a topic that is at least twice as likely to be mentioned by that group of companies than every other company

To make sure that the trends make sense, our AI model also scrubs topics that are only being mentioned by a small portion of the companies in the group. If you are looking for company-specific trends, you can still leverage the Company Topics module from a company tearsheet.

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