Post-Earnings Checklist

In this article we outline best practices for monitoring and understanding the key topics emerging from earnings season.

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Even when earning season is over, you can easily monitor the key topics from earnings (and even keep an eye out for new activities at the company and industry levels).

Here is your post-earnings season checklist:

Monitor for Key Activities and Signals

Earning season is a goldmine of key information about a company, industry, or even at the macro level. And you will want to monitor some of these key topics on an ongoing basis to see how they eventually play out.

Here are your key monitoring steps:

  1. Create and save focused searches - that can track ongoing updates on a topic or theme (For inspiration, check out our search library).

  2. Set up alerts (and push notifications via mobile) for instant updates around critical topics.

Follow the Story Beyond Earnings

Companies host and attend all kinds of different events beyond earnings calls. These expanded events offer insights into how the company talks about key topics after the earnings season and can even be a behind-the-scenes window.

Fortunately, you can easily keep tabs on, and even attend all company events from the event calendar on your dashboard (for companies or watchlists).

Check with an Expert

When you find a topic or theme you want to learn more about, tap into the expert content in AlphaSense. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Broker research - these are reports covering everything from companies to industries to macro events/themes. They go deep to explain the topic and what it means for the future.

  2. Expert calls - benefit from first-hand knowledge of a company, competitor, or industry from experts, executives, customers, and more. And when you find an expert you want to learn more from, quickly have a specific call arranged.

Understand What the Data Says

If you need to keep track of a key company, industry, or competitive metric, you can easily create and save specific searches (adding them to your overall monitoring approach). Plus, when you locate data in a table, it is incredibly easy to export it for further analysis.

Need assistance? Get quick expert help from our team in AlphaSense by clicking on "Live Help" in the top right corner.

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