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How to accelerate your financial modeling process
How to accelerate your financial modeling process

Learn best practices to expedite your modeling process with AlphaSense and access product tours to help transform your workflow

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How to accelerate your financial modeling process

With AlphaSense, you can extract key financial metrics and accelerate much of the information gathering when updating your models. In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Gain perspective into financial performance metrics on company documents and easily export them into Excel

  • Identify expert opinions and leverage their analysis to further your model

  • Quickly uncover quantitative information within earnings transcripts with KPI Module

As you watch, we recommend that you customize each search for your own research purposes. Reference the checklist below to be taken through product tours and video tutorials.

Financial Modeling Checklist:

** Export a company’s financial information **

** Time-series data modeling **

  • Filter by SEC Filings and click “View All Tables” to easily access Income Statements, Balance Sheets and more. Then, click “View Similar Tables” and easily export QoQ data directly into Excel

** KPI extraction **

  • Filter by Earnings Calls and find all KPIs in the middle panel. Click “Show History” to view all snippets over time related to that KPI, in one window

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