Vertical Filters

View filters in a vertical menu on the left side of document results.

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What are Vertical Filters?

Vertical filters allow you to quickly switch between content sets for your searches. Enabling this feature will allow you to view filters in a vertical menu on the left side of document results and now all filter options are now available in one single vertical menu.

This means that users can filter for content, timeframe, industry, geography, market cap, and tags all from the new vertical menu.

Revealing Vertical Filters

If you are not seeing vertical filters on the left-hand side of your screen while performing a search, click the expand/collapse button to see your filters. From here, you can select your content filters to populate your desired results. Should you want more screen real estate for your documents, click the expand/collapse button again, and this will collapse the filter menu, or select a document which will auto-collapse the filter menu.

Note: For Internal Content, you can click "Show More" next to Company Integrations and My Workspace to reveal the full depth of content that is available to be searched

Navigating Vertical Filters

We now have two sections, one for sources (at the top) and one for filters (at the bottom). AlphaSense also provides a Full Sources menu which allows you to get incredibly detailed when it comes to your search. You can also easily access the full sources menu by clicking view all next to sources.

Source Shortcuts

Source shortcuts provide instant access to key source types such as Broker Research, Company Docs, News/Regulatory information, Integrations and Notes, and IP documents. They also feature sections for Company Integrations and your own personal documentation underneath My Workspace. You can also click the drop-down caret in order to filter for specific subsections of each of the overarching categories without ever having to leave your search.

Additional filters

There are additional filters you can apply to your search located within the Vertical Filters menu, including the date selector, as well as additional filters for industry, countries, tags, content you’ve developed, and text filters (which you can use to remove Smart Synonyms)

Premium Content

Underneath the AlphaSense Library, you can access a comprehensive range of public, private, and exclusive content curated by AlphaSense, offering a unique blend of high-quality information.


Underneath Company Integrations, you can explore content from your organization's internal sources seamlessly integrated into our platform. This is ideal for discovering and managing information from linked internal content sources.

My Workspace

My Worskpace is your personal hub for content you've created or selected. You can manage your uploaded documents and view content shared with you all in one personalized space.

Once here, you can view additional filters for specific content types and sources such as individual brokers, news outlets, and document types (e.g., 10k’s, corporate earrings, carbon disclosure reports, etc.) From this menu, you can also select your defaults which will allow you to search across very specific content types every time you run a search.

Pro tip: Remember what you set your default to so that when you try to search for something outside of the default, you will need to expand the content types to include those not in your default settings.

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